Resources To Grow In Tennessee's Fertile Business Climate

Our area has it all. First and foremost, there is a highly motivated workforce offering every level of skill, education and experience. Location in the heart of a pro-business state provides many other resources, too. Everyone from local municipal boards and town and county mayors to our U.S. Congressman, Senators and Governor are committed to business. We are attracting companies from around the country and the world, and providing an ideal climate for them to grow. Importantly, Tennessee has a state constitution that forbids deficit spending. This means that business, and individuals are never saddled with the expenses of past generations.

Motivated Workforce

A successful business counts on a quality workforce. Our region is well known for its strong work ethic. You will find excellent employees here. And those who come from other areas will thoroughly enjoy living in Middle/East Tennessee. The partner counties of Plateau Partnership Park offer you a quality workforce with a diverse range of education, training and skill sets.

  • Labor pool: More than 57,000 workers in the three-county workforce with hundreds of thousands more in counties surrounding Plateau Partnership Park
  • Competitive wage rates: Wage and salary rates compare favorably with the nation as well as across the State of Tennessee
  • Skilled workers: Strong manufacturing tradition. Workforce, economic development, and technology programs(RSCC). HVAC, welding, nursing, computer information systems, etc (TTC). Wide range of training opportunities to extend the education and improve overall skill level of workers in local ares. 
  • Right to work: Tennessee is a right to work state helping to assure business flexibility and competitive wages

Education, Training and Technical Resources

Our area has one of the highest concentration of engineers, scientists and PhDs. In addition, we benefit from the Tennessee Valley Corridor - an alliance that leverages our area's important research and technology assets. Businesses located on the "Plateau" have access to world-class research, premier education institutions and training resources including:

  • The University of Tennessee 50 miles to the east in Knoxville is a top research and education center. (865)974-1000                                                                                          
  • Tennessee Technology Centers at Crossville and Harriman are part of a statewide network offering technical and vocational training. This education resource strives to produce the kind of high quality workers that industry demands with programs in automotive, medical, technology, manufacturing and other business fields. (931)484-7502         

Infrastructure Resources

Plateau Partnership Park combines ideal location with local, state and private infrastructure. Locating here will provide many transportation and distribution advantages.

Air transport and travel: Located less than an hour from Knoxville's and less than two hours from Nashville's International Airport

  • McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville offers service from leading national carriers as well as full charter access, air cargo, and military aviation traffic. McGhee Tyson Airport can accommodate any size aircraft in today's inventory.(865)342-3000                                         
  • Rockwood Municipal Airport is adjacent to our east site and just 10 minutes from our west site. The airport is a unique asset to tenants of both locations. It will facilitate executive travel and can accommodate aircraft as large as 737-class planes. (865)354-3023
  • Crossville Memorial Airport has a runway length of 5,418 feet. Providing a variety of aviation services including fueling, maintenance, flight training, aircraft rental, and much more. (931)484-5016


Highway access: Our location at I-40 puts you at the crossroads of America. I-40 connects with I-75 just 15 minutes away and with I-81 just an hour to the northeast. In addition, Tennessee boasts the nation's #1 rural interstate system.

Rail transport: Short line service approximately seven miles from a primary Norfolk & Southern connection. Also, rail connects to barge traffic on the Tennessee River.

Water transport is available via the nearby Tennessee River, part of the Interconnected Inland Water System. This links our vibrant region with 21 states, the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. Also, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway links the region with 16 other states and the Gulf of Mexico.

Low Utility Rates

The Tennessee Valley Authority provides clean, affordable and reliable electricity. The United States' largest public power provider, TVA-generated electricity serves about 8.6 million people through numerous local distributors. TVA is a one-of-a-kind Federal corporation founded in the 1930s. TVA provides numerous advantages to business and individual customers throughout the seven state region. In addition, natural gas rates are competitive in the region.

Other Business Resources

Cumberland, Morgan and Roane Counties offer a wide variety of additional resources for business. These include active and effective chambers of commerce and the Business Conference Center located at nearby Fairfield Glade Resort.